How I work

When translating a text, no matter how short, I plan time carefully. The average number of words I aim to translate per working day is between 1500-2000 – maximum.  What is possible depends on the demands of the text. When I work with a text, I not only translate but also proofread, and this requires time. When it is valuable and helpful to the process, I meet with clients to discuss the work.

When commissioned to proofread an English text, I may also sometimes do this face-to-face with the writer. Sometimes it can be very helpful to have a text read and scrutinised by a fresh pair of eyes; by someone who is able to frame questions which create the space for further micro-refinements.  A high quality, carefully honed piece of writing can make the difference between a text being read and enjoyed – or set aside or rejected.

I only agree to take on translation projects which I know I can translate into English – to the highest standard. Please see the contract and fees section of my site for more information.